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My name is Letitia Collins and I am the eyes behind the lens here at FOCUSEDonIMAGES PHOTOGRAPHY.  I am a photo enthusiast, residing in the Palm Springs, CA area and I continue to fall deeper in love with the art of photography.   I hope that you find this a comfortable and cozy site to browse around in.  There are several galleries here that present you with a variety of images and fine artwork to enjoy.    I am dedicated to focusing on the people, places and things that don't necessarily receive the attention  they deserve.  

The most interesting subjects are in our general vicinity and are most often overlooked.  You will see some of those images here along with images that celebrate life on every level.  My personal goal is to re-focus on the things that I beleive matter the most.... family, friends, community.   

In 2010, I experienced a life changing event that caused me to leave the hospital as a paraplegic.  During my three month hospital stay, I insisted upon keeping my Canon 40D with me at all times.   Creating a photo journal of my experience was a contributing factor in keeping my sanity and sense of humor.   As of this writing (December, 2015) I am making phenomenal gains in learning to walk again.  I will admit that handling my camera equipment is somewhat more challenging but quite honestly, I'm grateful for the opportunity to discover how to shoot at the angles forced upon me by the limitation of the wheelchair.      In all things, to God be the glory!

Count Your Blessings and Not Your Troubles.......


I share the story of my ongoing recovery from Transverse Myelitis in the hope that it will help to educate others about a rare spinal cord injury "not" caused by external trauma.   Click the red button below to learn more and thank you for allowing me to share my story with you.

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