Let's Watch The Magic Happen

 There are days when our thoughts flow like water from a fountain and then there are days when we are not able to think at all.  So what happens and what do you do when your thoughts stop flowing like an old, abandoned water fountain?

I have to admit that I quite enjoy thoughtless days.  I am thankful that the "off switch" to such a busy and chaotic world was somehow flipped and I am afforded the opportunity to just be still.  

I will relax in one of several cozy nooks that I've created for myself around my home and listen to music, read, have a glass of wine or even try a new recipe.  I become more in tune with the world around me and notice that in the glorious quiet of the day, there are a myriad of symphonies playing all for my enjoyment and/or amusement.

I take great pleasure in hearing the chirp of the hummingbird that visits my patio, my neighbor's child laughing as she makes her way into the house from the school bus, the whistling of the wind as it whips through the palm trees and even the distant sound of the train as it passes by has become a source of soothing familiarity. 

Something magical happens when we learn to be still.  I believe that we open ourselves up to a higher degree of learning when we allow ourselves to just be quiet.   My mother always told me "open your eyes and shut your mouth."  My feelings were always hurt by that but now I can appreciate what she was trying to convey to me as I open my eyes to the world, and not just the world immediately around me but far beyond me as well.

We are bombarded from all sides by social media and have become additcted to what I like to refer to as social noise.  The noise is often so loud that we can not hear ourselves think nor can we be still.  We automatically and consistently move from one media platform to another and before we realize that the hours of the day have passed us by and all that we have to show for it is our knowledge that Donald Trump is fighting with the Pope, Kanye West is a broke black man and that the Oscar's are just too white!   

I, personally, am going to try to eliminate the social noise.  I want to be still, be quiet and watch the magic happen!

Is Your Tank Full

 On the afternoon of February 8, 2016, I found myself sitting in a moderately sized audience waiting for the award ceremony to begin.   Judy May of Incight was to receive a Humanitarian Award for her hard work and dedication to bring about the awareness of adaptive sports to individuals with mental, physical and/or developmental disabilities.  During Judy's acceptance speech, the audience let out a collective sigh when she told them about a woman named Kerra.  Judy had asked Kerra "whats the hardest part about being in that chair?" and Kerra responded "getting use to people looking past me".

At that very moment, it occured to me that I (we) often find ourselves in precarious situations relative to our disability.  Well, let me not presume to speak for others and personalize this.   It struck me that I might have responded the way Kerra did, but not always.  There are days when I am quite content to be invisible to the rest of the world.  On any other day I might want to scream out "look at me because I'm not going anywhere!"  So what would make the difference in my response?

Spiritual strength, feeling victorious, fearlessness, passion, mental agility, love of family and friends.   When my proverbial tank is full of these things then I'm quite ready to shout out to the world.........  Notice Me!  Look Me In The Eye!  Smile With Me! Dont Feel Sorry For Me!  Dont Look Past Me! Talk to Me!  Don't Be Afraid of Me! Ask Me!  Learn From Me!  Learn With Me!

But when my tank gets low, it is necessary that I become invisible so that any depleted elements can be restored.   First and foremost, I need to stay in prayer because my spiritual strength is what gives me the ability to be victorious, fearless, passionate and agile.  My spiritual strength allows me to love friends, family and even strangers so purely that the love circles back to me and fills me up.  

When my tank is low, I am vulnerable, weak and lacking my God given superpowers to ward off the hurt of a sometimes cruel world.  At these times, I am grateful that people look past me so that they don't see the hurt and pain that I sometime feel.  I don't want anyone to notice my teary eyes when I can't do the things that come so easily to those who are not in a wheelchair.  I don't want my weaknesses and insecurities to be on display for the world to see.   As Judy May explained, we want you to see our potential.  I personally want others to see the amazing ways in which knowing and understanding the limitations of others can enrich lives and expand the horizons in ways never thought possible.

I want you to always see the best of me, the strong me, the fighting me, the joyous me, the fearless me, the passionate me, the loving me.  But if there is a day that you see something other than that, just understand that my tank is low but it will never stay that way!


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